Things to know when renting with pets

People who own pet find it more no difficult to rent than people who do own pets. Depending on what kind of pet you own, you will experience some rejections based on the simple fact you own a pet. However, you can find a great rental while still owning a pet, but the trick is to learn a few basic things. If you are looking for pet rentals, here is where you can find the best apartments for rent in Portland, Oregon that allow pets.:

  • On online websites;
  • On Craigslist;
  • On local real estate agencies.

However, before you go visit apartments or look for any rentals, there are a few things you should know! Be prepared for the following:

  • Landlords advertise the pet-friendly condos

In order to avoid finding a place that you love and then find out you are not allowed to bring in any pets, you may want to look up the certain apartments that accept pets. You will see that this feature if the flat is often stated in the property listing. Do not try to hide the fact you own a pet and hide it from the landlord, because it can cost you eviction!

  • Ask the landlord

When you search for a pet friendly apartment, you may encounter great apartments that do not seem to accept pets. If you really love a place, try to talk with the landlord and ask him if you can bring in any pets. Some landlords are willing to change their policy. Explain the landlord that you plan to prevent certain issues, such as infestations, damage, etc. Portray your pet in the best light possible!

  • Ask for references

If you have stayed in an apartment before with your pet, do not be shy and ask for reference. The new landlord will be easier to convince if you bring a good reference to him. He will find it easier to trust you!

  • What about a pet resume?

If you are planning to bring a pet into your new rental, then a pet resume may be appropriate as well. You can write in that document any information related to your pet that puts it into a good light. You can also include documents from the veterinary that shows you take good care of it. Also, include other documents such as a document that your dog has been to obedience school. It is up to you to make your pet look good!

  • Bring the pet over

If you are going to rent an apartment where the landlord is not decided yet on the whole pet policy, introduce the pet to him! He may want to set up this meeting as well. Bring the pet over and show the landlord that it is the cutest thing ever!